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Sifcupron No 17-15Ag

Copper/Phosphorus alloy with 15% silver for stressed applications. Ideal for poor fitting joints.
It is one of the most ductile of the silver-copper phosphorus brazing filler metals, and is recommended
where a self-fluxing alloy must be used and joint ductility is a factor. Sifcupron No. 17 finds extensive
use in electrical engineering applications where it is used to make electrically conductive joints.
This product is highly suited to the ship building and offshore industries, as well as the electrical motor industries.
Rapid heating to the brazing temperature is required to avoid liquation. Use Sifsilcopper flux when brazing copper alloys, brass, bronze etc.
EN 1044: CP102
BS: 1845 CP1
AWS: A5.8 BCuP-5
EN ISO 17672 CuP 284
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Viewing all 1 products in this category