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KEMPPI MMG20 3 metre MIG Torch 6250200

6250200  KEMPPI MMG20 3 metre MIG Torch
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6250200  KEMPPI MMG20 3 metre MIG Torch

The awarded MinarcMig Adaptive 180 gets a gun worthy of its design Kemppi's MinarcMig Adaptive 180 welding machine received significant international recognition for its excellent design and usability by winning the Red Dot design award in the beginning of the year 2006. Now, the welding gun of MinarcMig Adaptive has also experienced a transformation. The old MMG 18 gun has been replaced with a new one, the MMG 20 gun. It has much more streamlined design, which goes very well with the design of the awarded MinarcMig Adaptive 180 welding machine. The new gun completes the design of the welding machine into a well-designed, harmonious unit. The enhancements of the MMG 20 welding gun are not restricted merely to its design. The technical and functional properties of the new gun have also been improved. The welding gun is subject to high stress, especially when it is used near maximal power in welding without shielding gas. The welding gun can overheat, which may even damage the gun mechanism. In the new MMG 20 welding gun the heat resistance has been improved by using gas hose material with better heat endurance. Thanks to the handle's improved structure the temperature won't raise too much and the gun is more comfortable to use. The ease of use is also improved by the supportive extension of the handle, the bending support. With the bending support you can weld in variety of positions without making sharp bends in the cable behind the handle. It makes the wire feed fluent and reliable all the time. The new MMG 20 welding gun is included in the standard MinarcMig Adaptive 180 delivery.