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SilverLine Electrode, 280 Amp, G032Y .11.848.421.310 C124-1010

C124-1010  SilverLine Electrode, 280 Amp, G032Y
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Rapid Ref : C124-1010
Mfr Ref : .11.848.421.310

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C124-1010  SilverLine Electrode, 280 Amp, G032Y

SilverLine Electrodes feature a solid silver front end to copper base with a hafinium pin insert. These features provide improved performance over OEM electrodes. The heat transfer properties of silver are superior which improves heat dissipation during use and slows the rate of hafnium wear. The hafinium-silver bond is stronger, allowing a deeper pit depth in the hafinium as the electrode is used. Both of these benefits combine to prolong electrode life and lower the cost of cutting.