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FreshAir Pressure Flow Supplied Air Pack W007515

W007515  FreshAir Pressure Flow Supplied Air Pack
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W007515  FreshAir Pressure Flow Supplied Air Pack
FreshAir PRESSURE flow control system provides an ideal solution for workplaces equipped with breathing quality, compressed air supplies and distribution systems, or a mobile compressor. In addition, the belt mounted FreshAir Flow Control valve is equipped with a pressure gauge for easy workplace airflow monitoring of the supply.

FreshAir PRESSURE Flow control provides a high level of protection from a variety of airborne contaminants. The adjustment valve on the belt unit enables the user to regulate the air flow between 170 and 400 l/min and therefore adapt the air flow to individual needs, providing comfortable and reliable respiratory protection in accordance with EN 14594.

Beta 90 FreshAir and Delta 90 FreshAir head tops can be connected in combination with the FreshAir PRESSURE Flow control system. Ideal for long work periods and more static work place locations where mobility is not a key requirement. FreshAir PRESSURE Flow control system benefits from lower initial purchase and operating costs.