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CK MR70 Micro Torch

The CK MR-70 is an air cooled micro torch, perfect for use in demanding Tig jobs where access is difficult. Clear Pyrex nozzles and a low profile torch body makes the MR70 perfect for the operator to see the weld puddle ensuring a high quality weld.

45°, 90° and 180° heads are easily interchangeable onto the body and are included in the torch package. The different angled heads all use the same clear Pyrex nozzle eliminating the need for angled nozzles.

The tungsten electrode is easily adjusted with the Tungsten Stick-Out Gauge and Wrench, also included in the torch package. Simply set the gauge to the desired length and tighten the collet with the wrench securing the tungsten electrode. Super Flex® hoses complete the package minimizing the weight and pull of the cable assembly when performing intricate TIG welding applications.

The Micro Torch is also available as a 140Amp Water Cooled version.