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TIG ER70S-A1 is a 0.5% Mo alloyed wire intended for TIG welding similar composition steels, used where creep rupture strength
and ductility at service temperatures up to 550°C are required, e.g. DIN 15 Mo3, BS 3059 Grade 243 and ASTM A335 Grade P1.
The Mo content confers some resistance to hydrogen attack in chemical process plant applications.
TIG ER70S-A1 is also suitable for ordinary C-Mn steels when higher tensile strength weld metal is required.
Preheat and interpass temperature of 100-150°C is recommended. Stress relieve at 620°C.

C Si Mn P S Mo Cu
Min 0,080,500,900,40
Typical 0,100,601,100,0150,010,50
Max 0,120,701,300,020,020,600,35
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Viewing all 4 products in this category