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ER80S-Ni is a copper coated wire depositing a nominal 0.9% Ni weld metal. It has a guaranteed Ni content of 1% maximum,
ensuring conformance to NACE requirements for oil and gas production equipment in sour service.
The wire is primarily intended for GMAW but is equally suitable for use in mechanised GTAW eg. orbital TIG process.
ER80S-Ni gives very good fracture toughness at temperatures down to –60°C and is intended for offshore pipework and similar high integrity applications.
Welding Current: DC-
Wire Composition, wt.%

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Cu V Al Ti
Min 0,060,501,000,80
Typical 0,090,601,100,010,010,90
Max 0,120,801,250,020,020,150,99 0,150,350,030,020,15
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Viewing all 6 products in this category