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Nitto Jetbroach Cutters

Nitto Kohki has developed the one-touch replacement system for Jetbroach carbide-tipped annular hole cutters. They are designed as one-touch types to be mounted and removed without the use of a tool. This reduces the time needed for hole cutting.

Jetbroach Cutter Features
  • Single pass-cutting, no pilot hole required
  • Annular part does all the work so small cutting resistance reduces drilling time
  • Cutting of slated, elongated and edge holes is now possible
  • Fractional and metric cutter sizes to suit wide range of applications
  • Produces little slag and few chips for easy disposal
  • Carbide tips for sharp cutting edges
  • Can also be fitted to and used with previous Atra Ace models using a hexagon socket set-screw
  • Improved concentricity extends cutter life! Cutter holding system consisting of three balls inside the arbor body produces a self-centering effect during cutting to improve cutter performance and life.

Available in sizes from 17.5 to 65mm diameter and a depth of 35mm(short) 50mm(long)

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Jetbroach-Short Nitto Jetbroach Cutter - Short, 35mm depth

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Jetbroach-Long Nitto Jetbroach Cutter - Long, 50mm depth

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