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TIG 309L

309L deposits a 24% Cr / 13% Ni austenitic stainless steel weld metal with a nominal ferrite content of FN 10.
The relatively high alloy and ferrite levels enable the weld metal to tolerate dilution from mild or low alloyed steels without hot cracking.

  • Joining of clad steels and dissimilar joints between stainless and mild or low alloy steels.
  • Buffer layers on mild and low alloy steels prior to overlaying with MIG/TIG 308L.
  • Welding of similar composition, 309L type, stainless steels.
  • Joining of ferritic-martensitic stainless steels.

Welding current: DC-
Wire composition, wt.%

  C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Cu N
Min   0,65 1,0     22,0 11,0      
Typical 0,02 0,8 1,8 0,015 0,01 23,5 13,5 0,10 0,10 0,06
Max 0,030 1,00 2,5 0,03 0,020 25,0 14,0 0,30 0,30  
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T30916 309LSi Stainless Tig Wire 1.6mm Diameter

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T30924 309LSi Stainless Tig Wire 2.4mm Diameter.

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Rapid ref : T30924
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