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TIG 5356

Aluminium TIG wire containing 5% Magnesium for welding similar composition Al / Mg and Al / Mg / Si materials.
The high strength weld metal has very good corrosion resistance in marine environments. Excellent colour match
with material to be anodised. The most versatile and universally used aluminium filler material. Melting range 560-630°C.
Welding Current: AC Wire Composition, wt.%
Shielding gas:
I1, Argon 5-10 l/min.
I2, Helium 8-16 l/min.
I3, Argon/Helium 5-10 l/min

Si Mn Cr Cu Al Ti Zn Mg Fe
Min 0,100,050,064,50
Typical 0,050,150,100,007bal0,104,90 0,20
Max 0,401,000,250,10bal0,150,25 5,200,40
Viewing all 6 products in this category
Viewing all 6 products in this category