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ESAB New-Tech 6-13 ADC XL ADC Plus Welding Helmet. 0700000955

0700000955  ESAB New-Tech 6-13 ADC XL ADC Plus Welding Helmet.
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0700000955  ESAB New-Tech 6-13 ADC XL ADC Plus Welding Helmet.

The New-Tech™ 6-13 XL ADC Plus belongs to The New Tech series of auto darkening welding helmets featuring the latest technology.
All five models are very lightweight and well balanced. The head gear can be set to fit each individual and it makes the helmet comfortable to wear.
The New Tech helmets offer a bigger viewing range area, giving the welder a feeling of increased space.
The helmet shell is designed to give maximum protection to the face but also the neck and ears.
The area in front of the mouth is made larger to ensure a good flow of fresh air and NO build up of Carbon Dioxide.
The cartridges are powered by solar cells and automatically activated by daylight, ie no need to switch on or off.
All helmets are CE (EN 349 and EN 175) approved.

The New-Tech™ 6-13 XL ADC Plus helmet can be used for almost any application.
The shade level can be adjusted from DIN 6 to DIN 13, making this helmet very versatile.
All settings are made from the outside of the helmet.
The helmet features a grinding mode, where the cartridge can be switched off for grinding,
there is also a sensitivity and delay function.
The New-Tech™ 6-13 XL is equipped with ADC technology which will ensure a solid shade level
even when viewing the lens at an angle, i.e. positional welding. Conforms to EN 175 and EN 379.
As a result of extensive research into typical application and user comfort requirements, the ESAB
New-Tech™ ADC Plus cartridge offers new features, which make this helmet unique.

Features: ADC Plus Technology - Eye does not need to adjust to different shades.
This reduces eye fatigue as well as increasing comfort for any welder.
ADC Plus Colour Definition
The ADC Plus range offers superior colour definition in both the open and activated state,
allowing the welder to better see the LED displays on machines and equipment, whilst also
identifying heat definition on the actual weld.

ADC Plus Optical Quality
The ADC Plus cartridge boasts a 1/1/1/1 optical quality rating, which is the best on the market.
This means that an even shade level is seen across the full height and width of the viewing area.
The benefits – an increased shaded area that covers the height and width of the cartridge, whilst
reducing bright visible light.

Benefits include:

  • Increased colour definition
  • Lighter contrast
  • External grinding mode
  • External adjustable shade
  • External adjustable sensitivity
  • External delay adjustment
  • Offers complete protection of ears, cheeks and neck
  • Helmet shape helps to deflect heat and welding fumes
  • Extremely easy to replace the cover lenses
  • Superb optical quality 1/1/1/1 EN379
  • increased cartridge viewing area of 96 x 68.5mm
  • ESAB’s series of New-Tech™ ADC Plus helmets are ANSI approved.