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HMT CarbideMax 110 TCT Broach Cutter 108040

108040  HMT CarbideMax 110 TCT Broach Cutter
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108040  HMT CarbideMax 110 TCT Broach Cutter

The CarbideMax 110 Series will broach up to 110mm thickness of metal : 4X LONGER LIFE AND 15% FASTER CUT THAN HSS CUTTERS

One of the hardest materials used for cutting tools, Tungsten Carbide, is capable of drilling through the toughest steels. HMT CarbideMax TCT Broach cutters are tipped with individually brazed cutting teeth of the highest quality tungsten carbide. They are designed with an elaborate cutting geometry which results in faster, quieter, easier drilling and chatter free performance. Furthermore, because the teeth of the cutter are doing all of the hard work, less strain is put on the wall of the cutter. Therefore the thinner wall means less metal is removed, giving a faster cut