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3M Speedglas SL 8-12 EW Lightweight Headshield 701120 3M-701120

3M-701120  3M Speedglas SL 8-12 EW Lightweight Headshield
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Rapid Ref : 3M-701120
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3M-701120  3M Speedglas SL 8-12 EW Lightweight Headshield

Gross Weight: 0.600kg each

Welders have asked for two things in personal protection: lighter weight and more comfort. The challenges in designing an all new shield were to significantly reduce its weight, while maintaining the performance and protection that welders worldwide have come to expect in every 3M Speedglas product. The result of of this challenge: an all new 360 gram auto darkening welding shield. The Speedglas SL welding filter can be used with most arc welding processes such as MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding. It is particularly appropriate for low-to moderate amperage welding (0.1 to 250 amps), with four user-selectable sensitivity settings and five dark state levels: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.


  • Viewing Area: 42 x 93mm
  • Light State: Shade 3
  • Dark State: Variable 8 - 12 variable
  • Switching time, light to dark: 0,1ms
  • Switching time, dark to light: 60 - 250ms
  • Battery Lifetime: 1500 hours
  • Weight: 360g (including welding filter)