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HMT ImpactaMag Reamer Set-14-32mm, 5pc 501020-SET-WO

501020-SET-WO  HMT  ImpactaMag Reamer Set-14-32mm, 5pc
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501020-SET-WO  HMT  ImpactaMag Reamer Set-14-32mm, 5pc

The HMT ImpactaMag HSS reamer is a unique double-use reamer for enlarging and aligning holes in metals and hard materials; with'a specially designed cutting geometry that is designed'to allow the tool to be used in an Impact wrench or a Magnet drill. When used in an'Impact wrench it is secured into a special adapter meaning the tool is easier to control, apply'correct feed rate, and withdraw from the finished hole, enhancing tool life. This reamer'will also fit into a standard weldon magnet drill arbor, providing a versatile 2 in 1 solution for'circumstances where it may be more appropriate to use a magnet drill.

Ideal for steel erectors and bridge work. Used for Network Rail bridge refurbishment and strengthening. Ideal for modifying and enlarging holes ready for the installation of TCB bolts and friction grip bolts
ImpactaMag reamers are secured directly to the impact wrench.
ImpactaMag reamers can also be used with any standard Magnet Drill
ImpactaMag reamers are now available in intermediate sizes
UNIQUE 6 flute design for faster, smoother cut. For 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench use 00200-12A-19 HMT ImpactaMag Adapter. For 3/4" Drive Impact Wrench use 00200-34A-19 HMT ImpactaMag Adapter