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Kemppi X8 Extreme Industrial Pulse Mig Welder - Up to 600A 6100558X8

6100558X8  Kemppi X8 Extreme Industrial Pulse Mig Welder - Up to 600A
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6100558X8  Kemppi X8 Extreme Industrial Pulse Mig Welder - Up to 600A

Industrial multi-process welding redefined

With its new technology, the X8 MIG Welder will give you extremely precise control of the arc and a welding performance that was previously unattainable. The X8 MIG Welder is more than just multi-process, multi-voltage MIG welding equipment. It has number of features that raise it above its peers in terms of welding performance, user experience and welding management.

Redefine Performance

The X8 Mig welder gives you an extremely precise and fast control of the arc.

  • A precisely controllable welding current that can be upgraded to 600 A and runs on the most common power supply network voltages
  • Advanced MIG brazing with carefully selected brazing programs
  • Optimal cladding performance including hardfacing applications
  • Heavy-duty gouging performance
  • In addition to standard and pulsed-arc MIG/MAG welding with a wide range of Wise processes and functions, the system also provides you with stick (MMA) welding capability without compromising performance.

Redefine Usability

Every aspect designed and engineered to the best usability practices

  • 30% faster setup configuration compared to standard MIG welding equipment
  • Users can quickly and easily change the system and welding settings, adjust and control the welding values and view WPS content
  • Innovatively designed wire feeder ensures the safe and ergonomic loading of filler wire spool
  • Well-balanced welding guns with ergonomic handle design make welding more comfortable and productive

Redefine Welding Management

  • Smart Digital WPS feature, which renders printed WPSs unnecessary
  • Automatic setting of welding parameters based on the WPS
  • Native connectivity to WeldEye welding management software modules Welding Procedure and Quali cation Management, Welding Quality Management, and Welding Production Analysis