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Tweco Fusion 220 Mig Torch with Euro Connection F220X-1X-3035

F220X-1X-3035  Tweco Fusion 220 Mig Torch with Euro Connection
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Rapid Ref : F220X-1X-3035
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F220X-1X-3035  Tweco Fusion 220 Mig Torch with Euro Connection
The new Tweco Fusion Mig gun range is ideal for light to medium gauge work in auto-body, agriculture, architectural metal work, off-road vehicles, repair maintenance and general light fabrication. Features include an ergonomic handle with diamond pattern for better grip and new high performance Velocity consumables.

The non-threaded, “drop-in” style Velocity contact tip eliminates the need to use vice-grips, welpers or other tools to remove the tip, even if the wire burns back and fuses inside the tip. The Velocity consumables design integrates the gas diffuser into the conductor tube. This creates an improved all-copper conductor path that provides better electrical conductivity and transfers heat more efficiently away from the tip. As a result, the arc becomes more stable and predictable.

Tweco Velocity MIG Welding Consumables

Tweco Fusion Torch Mig Torch Breakdown

Tweco Velocity Consumable Features
  • Solid copper conductor path with fewer connections
  • Optimised electrical surface contact
  • Optimised wire feedability with centered liner
  • Fewer consumable parts to replace - lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to change Velocity tips - no threads, no tools required
  • Tips can be rotated to optimise life requiring fewer changes
  • Superior welding performance from a smooth, stable arc