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Kemppi PMT 52W Mig Torch - Water Cooled PMT52W

PMT52W  Kemppi PMT 52W Mig Torch - Water Cooled
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PMT52W  Kemppi PMT 52W Mig Torch - Water Cooled

The PMT MIG gun series takes welding ergonomics and performance to the next level. Extremely flexible and light to handle, they minimise physical strain on your hand and deliver improved welding performance. The small gun necks allow you to reach narrow places, to ensure the optimal reach the neck of the gas-cooled guns can be turned a full 360. You can also weld in overhead positions without having to hold your wrist in an unnatural position. With the RMT remote control, you can operate the Kemppi Pro Evolution or Kempomig welding machines from your PMT gun.


  • Disturbance-free performance
  • Minimal stress on wrists
  • Excellent gas shielding reduces porosity
  • A remote control for machine adjustments during the welding
  • Small and handy
  • Optimal reach, gas-cooled gun’s neck can be turned 360
  • Durable protective hose material
  • Quick-connector, easy-to-remove gas nozzle, innovative tightening cone
  • Efficient cooling mechanism for contact tip and gas nozzle


Load Capacity Ar + CO2: 500A @ 100 %
Cooling: Water
Filler wires: 0.6 – 1.6mm