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Protectovac Twin-Motor Welding Fume Extractor TWX1VAC

TWX1VAC  Protectovac Twin-Motor Welding Fume Extractor
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TWX1VAC  Protectovac Twin-Motor Welding Fume Extractor
A portable, twin-motor, high-vacuum fume-extraction solution specifically designed to extract and filter metal particulate fumes created in welding processes.

The ProtectoVac is available in 110v and 230v models and features an auto on/off function which allows the unit to be engaged automatically with the welding arc.

Operating with low noise (<70dB[A]) and weighing only 15kg the ProtectoVac incorporates 2 filters and a spark arrestor, and is supplied with a 2.5m hose, a standard welding nozzle and spare motor brushes for ongoing maintenance.

The ProtectoVac can also be used for on-MIG-torch extraction, with the appropriate fitting kit (available separately).