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Ultima-Tig Cut Tungsten Grinder. 220V 88897525 UT3002

UT3002  Ultima-Tig Cut Tungsten Grinder. 220V
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UT3002  Ultima-Tig Cut Tungsten Grinder. 220V

The safe and environmentally friendly way of grinding and cutting your tungsten electrodes in perfect angles and precise length for TIG welding.

Like the well-known and well-documented ULTIMA-TIG, the ULTIMA-TIG-CUT grinds your tungsten electrodes, but it also enables you to cut the electrodes in the precise length needed. The grinding and cutting take place in a closed chamber, using liquid to cool the diamond discs and the electrode. In addition, the toxic grinding and cutting dust is collected safely.

The high grinding speed combined with liquid cooling of the diamond disc and the electrode ensures an even and polished surface and prevents overheating of the electrode.

Ultimate welding results are achieved, using the unique electrode holder which centres the tungsten electrode perfectly. The electrode holder and the Stick-out adjustment ensure a minimum waste of the tungsten electrodes during grinding.

The cutting device has multiple adjustment options to ensure the precise length of the electrode tip. You can grind and cut the electrode without removing the electrode from the holder, making handling as easy as possible.

The ULTIMA-TIG-CUT lets you produce the exact angle and length of the tungsten electrode needed for any speci?c welding work, incl. robotic and orbital welding. Set up the grinder and cutter once, and re-produce the same electrode over and over.


Electrode size: Ø 0.8 – 4 mm
Min. length: 15 mm standard (7 mm with special clamps)
Angles: 7.5° – 90° grinding angle (equal to 15° – 180° tip angle)
Cutting length: 7 – 175 mm tip length
Motor: 220v 50Hz - 280W
Speed: 8500 rpm
Grinding speed: 44 m/sec

Unit Includes

Unit complete with table, diamond discs and grinding liquid
Electrode holder
Electrode clamps for Ø1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm electrodes for grinding
Tip clamps for Ø1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm electrodes for cutting (Clamps are available for other diameters)