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95mm Capacity Three Axis Welding Clamp WAC35-SW

WAC35-SW  95mm Capacity Three Axis Welding Clamp
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WAC35-SW  95mm Capacity Three Axis Welding Clamp

Gross Weight: 11.000kg each

Holds a 3-axis workpiece in position before welding.

Features the Quick Acting Screws and “Swing Away” Arm.

  • With the push of the buttons, the threaded screws easily slide in and out.
  • When the job is finished, simply swing away the 3rd Axis arm for quick and easy part removal
  • Hold parts in position during cool down to minimise distortion due to contraction
  • Available in 95mm and 121mm capacity, model WAC45-SW comes with a curved arm for grater workpiece clearance.


  • 3-Axis fixture
  • Quick Acting Screw
  • Two stand-offs
  • Swing away Arm

StrongHand WAC Clamp Specification

Miter Joint(A): 95mm
Jaw Length(B): 122mm
T-Clearance(C): 62mm
Jaw Height(D): 35mm
Weight: 11kg