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Electrode FlushCut - Hyamp 85 - 125A 420553

420553  Electrode FlushCut - Hyamp 85 - 125A
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420553  Electrode FlushCut - Hyamp 85 - 125A

The FlushCut™ process for Powermax 125 systems provides users with the ability to cut closer to base materials than ever before.

Reduce time consuming and costly grinding

Close cutting for the removal of lugs and other attachments has typically been performed via oxyfuel cutting or carbon arc gouging, followed by labor intensive grinding. FlushCut for Powermax plasma systems provides a new, more efficient process for challenging removal applications.

The patented consumable design for FlushCut features an angled nozzle bore design which delivers the plasma arc at a 45 degree angle – essentially bending the plasma arc. This unique design gives Powermax users the ability to cut closer or more flush to the base than ever before which significantly reduces grinding and increases the opportunity to reuse pad eyes, attachments and other temporary weld supports.