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UltraFlex-3 Ultraflexible Extraction Arm - 3m 7925170090

7925170090  UltraFlex-3 Ultraflexible Extraction Arm - 3m
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7925170090  UltraFlex-3 Ultraflexible Extraction Arm - 3m
The UltraFlex-3 is a flexible extraction arm with a rotatable hood RotaHood. Incorporated into the hood is a throttle valve that can be fully opened, partially opened or completely closed to control airflow at hood opening. The arm features a focus extraction spoiler, which directs the air into the hood.

The arm is provided with the BalanceWheel spring balance system for ultra-light, user friendly positioning of the arm. The UltraFlex-3 is suitable for both mobile and stationary welding fume extraction systems.

  • Balance wheel, friction-free spring-supported balance system that compensates the weight of the arm and allows ultra light repositioning of the arm.
  • Low maintenance requirement substantially less than "friction" based arms
  • RotaHood 360-degree friction free rotatable extraction hood for easy positioning
  • Light impact resistant industrial plastic tubes
  • Standard 200 mm smooth tubes to allow high capacity against low pressure drop
  • Low-ceiling version also available