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Plymovent Prefilter Box 9850070120

9850070120  Plymovent Prefilter Box
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9850070120  Plymovent Prefilter Box
Universal prefilter box with diagonally mounted aluminium filter for installation in extraction duct Ø 160 mm (Ø 6 in.). It is to be mounted in horizontal position between an extraction fan and a stationary welding fume filter.

The prefilter box is standard supplied with the filter unit type SFS, but it can be used as an additional spark arrester for SFD units as well. The box is provided with two draw latches for easy removal of the cover. The most efficient airflow through the prefilter box is from left to right. Sparks and welding fume particles drop down on the bottom of the box, thus preventing the aluminium filter from clogging prematurely.