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Smooth Robotics Cobot Welding System

Future-proof your offerings and welding capabilities

If you are looking to automate your manual welding and have high mix and low volume parts, a cobot welding solution is the right choice for you. With the strength of being flexible, reliable, and built to cooperate in a shared workspace the cobot welding solution is a powerful tool for any welder or operator. It comes with a programming interface that is easy to use and a guarantee of consistent welds.

Experience the Power of Collaboration

Cobot Welding systems are specifically designed to work alongside human operators, enhancing productivity and efficiency. By harnessing the strength of collaboration, this state-of-the-art technology ensures a harmonious and synergistic working environment. Cobot welding is your solution to:

  • Lack of skilled welders: Give your welders the best tool for maximizing their efficiency
  • Repetitive welds: Consistently delivers high quality results for long or repititive welds
  • Changing demands: Highly adaptable solution that enhances market responsiveness

SmoothTool automates your welding

SmoothTool is a user-friendly cobot welding package that is easy to learn and navigate, which makes the transition to welding with a cobot seamless for any welder. It offers a wide range of functionality catering to a variety of welding tasks.

Its program structure ensures exceptional flexibility, allowing for effortless incorporation of numerous weaving patterns, offset items, stitch welds, or multipass welding.

The compatibility with both CB and e-series robots as well as the new UR20 means that all features function across all UR’s robot types.

Integrate with your preferred power source

SmoothTool comes with a number of plug-and-produce-ready power source integrations. Besides these, I/O and callback functions can be used to integrate with all other power sources.

The list comprises power sources from leading brands like Lorch, ESAB, EWM, Kemppi and Fronius among others. The primary advantage of pre-integrated options is their ability to facilitate seamless job switching within a welding program, eliminating the need to halt the process midway to modify power source parameters.

Retrofit and get started today

Start automating your welding processes right away using your existing power source

The RetroFit Kit, a novel off-the-shelf product from Smooth Robotics, simplifies the process of integrating older manual power sources with a cobot setup.

This Kit is compatible with all Euro/US Connector-equipped power sources. Simply attach the RetroFit connector

Advanced features made easy

SmoothTool offers a comprehensive welding software solution with all the tools that a welder needs.

The advanced capabilities of SmoothTool allow you to explore the potential of cobot welding and expirement with different methods of production automation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Multipass Welding

  • Quick and easy setup of the number of passes, their individual length and other weld parameters
  • Ability to save your multipass weld settings for future use
  • The fully customizable Multipass system ensures smooth and efficient delivery of strong and reliable multipass welds

Weaving made easy with SmoothTool

  • Achieve desired results with four main weaving patterns: Trapezoid, Zig Zag, Circles and Crescent and more
  • Streamline your weave bead welding with full and precise control over the torch movement with each pattern
  • Applicable on both linear and circular weld segments